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Health Benefits of Lion's Mane Functional Mushrooms

Posted by Russell Henderson on
Health Benefits of Lion's Mane Functional Mushrooms

Lion’s mane is a functional mushroom and superfood with a variety of exciting performance oriented and broad health benefits.

With a long history of use both as food and in Traditional Chinese Medicine (“TCM”) and in  Japan, Korea and India, Lion’s mane has recently gained popularity in North America for its various brain health benefits.

Lion’s mane has traditionally been used for a variety of benefits including focus, mood and motivation, and researchers have recently found through their research that there is scientific evidence to back that up.


Lion’s mane has been found to be an effective anti-inflammatory, reducing inflammation by up to 44% in research conducted on rats. (3Lion’s mane has also been found to aid in reduction in symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease. Reducing inflammation is important not only in preventative health, but also in speeding the body’s recovery. (1)


Recent studies have found lion’s mane to be a high source of antioxidants, which have strong potential anti-cancer benefits as part of a long term preventative health strategy. (2, 3)

Reducing Symptoms of Anxiety

Lion’s mane has been used in traditional medicine as an aid against anxiety and depression, and recent studies have indicated that lion’s mane may help combat symptoms of anxiety, helping people perform better in their daily life and lead happier lives. (56)

Could Help Fight Degenerative Brain Disease

Lion’s mane has been found to support nerve growth factor (“NGF”), which is involved in the growth, maintenance, proliferation, and survival of brain cells. Recent studies with mice have found that lion’s mane and its extracts have positive impacts in fighting the symptoms of degenerative brain diseases. One study found lion's mane improved cognitive function in elderly male subjects with mild cognitive limitations after supplementing for three weeks. These research studies are promising and will hopefully lead to more substantial research with humans. Lion’s mane not only holds significant benefits for helping treat dementia, but also as part of a long term preventative health routine to ensure a healthy brain throughout life. (78910)

Speeding Recovery from Nervous System Injuries

Lion’s mane has been found to enhance the brain and nervous system as a whole’s ability to recover from injury. Studies in rats and mice have found that lion’s mane can help speed recovery time by 23-41% and reduce long term impact of injuries such as strokes. (1112)

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