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Co-Founder Vasek Pospisil, a professional tennis player and Wimbledon champion, began taking functional mushrooms at the start of 2019 to maximize his performance and aid his return to his sport from surgery. After a truly remarkable resurgence in which he achieved career best results and performances, he credits the superfood fungi as being a life changing key ingredient to his success. Fellow Co-Founders Justin Kates and Russell Henderson, have similarly been taking functional mushrooms for several years to push their physical and mental boundaries and achieve peak performance which has enabled them to reach the top level of their professions. As avid cyclists in their spare time, they are in constant pursuit of breaking personal records in everything they do.

The three founders experienced impressive improvements to their physical and mental performance and general well being upon incorporating functional mushrooms, a natural plant-based product, into their daily routine. They also saw an increase in their overall mood and creativity, followed by a reduction of stress and anxiety levels.

It wasn't long after this realization that Hekate was born. The three friends decided this was an everyday product that would bring both on and off court results and assist in consistently achieving everyday peak performance; all the while embodying the motto "Mind Over Matter".

Performance products inspired by real life
Hekate is the new approach to wellness. It's about products that optimize your performance and improve your physical and mental health through natural plant-based products.