Welcome to the new frontier of human and planetary wellness

Our planet is home to thousands of species of mushrooms with rich culinary, medicinal, and cultural traditions.

Meet the most life-sustaining organisms on our planet.

The old and the new
An Ancient Friendship

Mushrooms have been widely used across human history for thousands of years.

With thousands of known species, it is believed that hundreds of thousands (if not millions of species) have yet to be discovered. We are only scratching the surface of understanding these incredible organisms.

Sym·bi·o·sis (noun)

An interaction between two different organisms living in close physical association, typically to the advantage of both.
On the Surface
Fruiting Body

The most recognizable part of the mushroom is known as the fruiting body.

Mushroom fruiting bodies have incredible versatility and have been used across centuries for cooking, art, and medicine.

Digging deeper

Over 90% of plant life on earth rely on a vast underground network of mushroom mycelium for survival. It is a subterranean superhighway, delivering the water and essential nutrients necessary for life.

Mycelium themselves are incredibly nutrient dense, rich in enzymes, minerals, and fiber.

The Next Generation
A New Superfood

These incredible foods are being used to unlock new levels of performance.

Researchers continue to explore the uses of mushrooms as a new category of performance superfood.





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