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The HUA (化) Foundation and Food Security In Chinatown

What is the Hua Foundation?

The Hua foundation is a youth empowerment non-profit connecting cultural heritage and social change. Their approach is about leading community-based research and action, empowering youth and incubating youth-led initiatives, and building community partnerships and resilience. A few of the Hua Foundation’s values are health, innovation, honesty, sustainability, compassion, and integrity. Hekate strongly connects with these values in cultivating healthier lives and creating a more socially just world through sustainable environmental and social practices.

During Lunar New Year, we donated 10% of our proceeds from February 1-5 to the Hua Foundation - a non-profit organization based in Vancouver’s Chinatown to support.

Food Security - The Chinatown Cares Grocery Program

The Chinatown Cares Program is a community food security program started during COVID-19 that provides groceries to seniors living in Chinatown to ensure food during a time of high transmission. The program is managed by Christina Lee and coordinated by Emily Tsang, with the help of many volunteers, GoFundMe contributions, and neighbouring businesses that provided in-kind donations (space, equipment). 

“Due to increasing concerns around the potential for community transmission of COVID-19 and rapid changing food access in the neighbourhood (grocery stores and restaurants closing or operating with limited hours due to the pandemic), the Chinatown Cares project was developed as an emergency response program to ensure access to affordable, fresh, culturally appropriate groceries for isolated Chinese-speaking seniors.”

We are extremely impressed at the program’s community-level focus on food justice, racial equity, and mutual aid frameworks, among many others. The program aims to provide a testbed for long-term sustainable operations that are scalable and adaptive to community needs, foregrounding dignified access and community appropriateness.” - Christina Lee, Project Manager, Hua Foundation.

Learn more about the program in their Projection Documentation and Resource Guide.

HUA Foundation Grocery Delivery

Photo: taken from Hua Foundation Grocery Delivery Program – Project Documentation / Resource Guide

Photo: Felicia Chang, taken from Chinatown Cares Program page.

Hua Foundation

Photo: Felicia Chang, taken from Chinatown Cares Program page.

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