Asked Questions


What kind of mushrooms do you use in your products?

Each of our products features a blend of organic cordyceps, organic reishi, organic lions mane, and organic chaga.

What are the active chemical substances in hekate’s mushrooms?

Each mushroom has a dense nutrient profile of vitamins, electrolytes, antioxidants & prebiotics. This also includes beta-glucans, functional peptides, polyphenols & terpenes. This rich nutrient composition is what causes these mushrooms to help with focus, stress, immunity, and energy.

Do you use fruiting body or mycelium?
We work with organic mushroom growers in California to produce all of our mushrooms. Our growers use a combination of both mycelium and fruiting body, expertly cultivated to optimize the mushroom's nutritional value.
What is the beta-glucan content?
The beta-glucan content of our mushrooms ranges from 35%-45%, representing some of the highest levels on the market. We do not standardize to beta-glucans as we don't believe in controlling for one specific compound. The benefits of functional mushrooms result from their incredible range and diversity of nutrients.
When is the best time to take hekate’s Cocoa Blend?
Anytime! We like to take it as part of our morning ritual to start our day off with a boost. It goes perfectly with smoothies, coffee, oatmeal, or even homemade granola bars.
When is the best time to take hekate’s Daily Capsules?
Anytime! We recommend pairing your supplement with daily activities like breakfast, lunch, working out or going to work, so you stay consistent and never miss a dose.
When is the best time to take hekate’s Sports Drink Mix?
Take before or during exercise to stay hydrated & speed up recovery. We also recommend taking it throughout the day to keep your hydration levels up.
Are these “magic mushrooms"?
No. While we did take the name "hekate" after the Greek goddess of magic, it’s not because these are hallucinogenic mushrooms. We named it after her because the performance-enhancing properties of these mushrooms seem almost magical.