Why We’re Moving Our Manufacturing Facility to Canada

Why We’re Moving Our Manufacturing Facility to Canada

A little over a year ago, we started to explore the opportunities of moving our production closer to home. One of our top priorities was finding a manufacturer that met or exceeded the high-quality standards we set for our products. We are moving our manufacturing facility to Canada because it has stricter health regulations, meaning our products are held to a higher quality standard.

We're excited to announce that our new manufacturer in Canada will also be an NSF- certified facility. This certification is necessary because it verifies that the facility meets high manufacturing practices requirements. So when you see the NSF logo on a product, you can be confident that it has been through a rigorous manufacturing process and meets the highest quality standards.

We covered the steps to get our functional mushroom products certified in our What it Takes to Get NSF Certified for Sport® blog. The certification is essential information for athletes, so you can choose a safe product to consume. The process is long and complex, but the result is worth it for the safety of our athletes.

What Are the Benefits of Having Our Manufacturing Facility in Canada?

"The advantage of moving manufacturing to Canada is stricter health standards. As a result, our items are subjected to a higher degree of quality control. NSF certification is significant because it ensures the facility adheres to strict manufacturing standards. So when you see the NSF logo on a product, you can be sure it has gone through extensive production and meets strict quality requirements."

As mentioned before, NSF International is a globally recognized third-party certifier of products and systems against strict standards. To become certified, manufacturers must undergo regular audits by NSF auditors, who verify that the company complies with all requirements.

Some of these requirements include: 

  • Maintaining complete manufacturing records
  • Labeling products correctly
  • Using raw materials from suppliers that meet NSF criteria
  • Following good manufacturing practices
  • Following specific product formulation and production procedures

Complying with these requirements is no easy feat, but we're proud to say that our manufacturing facility meets or exceeds all NSF standards. This certification is necessary because it verifies that our products are safe for athletes to consume and of the highest quality. 

About The New Facility

There are 3 main quality components to note about the new Canadian facility.

  • We're an NSF certified facility
  • We're GMP certified
  • We've received a Health Canada site license

Health Regulations for Manufacturers in Canada 

Firstly, the Canadian government understands that the manufacturing industry plays a vital role in the country's economy. Therefore, they want to make sure that manufacturers are held to high standards to continue to produce quality products. This is important because consumers can be confident that they're getting a quality product when buying products made in Canada.

Second, the Canadian government wants to protect its citizens from harmful products. By ensuring that manufacturers meet high standards, the government can help to ensure that only safe products are being produced. This is important for the people who work in manufacturing facilities and the people who purchase the products they make, like athletes and high-performance seekers.

What We're Looking Forward To

We're also excited to be closer to local Canadian growers for future collaborations and more opportunities to innovate within the industry. Making these connections are meaningful because it can allow us to reduce our environmental impact by working with local partners and suppliers. It also allows us to build closer relationships with the people helping us achieve our mission for individuals to #CultivateGreat.

We also believe that this transition will open up more possibilities for us to innovate in a new sector, especially since the recent legalization of psilocybin in Canada for therapeutic purposes such as anxiety and depression. We view this as an opportunity to create new products and help people in a way that has never been done before. We're excited about the potential of what we can achieve and the difference we can make.

How Can I Find Products That Are NSF Certified for Sport®?

If you're looking for some NSF Certified for Sport® products. You can search all of the registered NSF Certified for Sport products on the NSF International website.

Alternatively, you can also download the NSF App to stay updated on the latest certified products.

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Bottom Line

We hope this gives you insight into why we are moving our manufacturing facility to Canada. We're confident that we made the right decision, and we're looking forward to continuing to provide our customers with quality products that they can trust. If you have any questions about our move or NSF certification, please don't hesitate to contact us. We'd be happy to chat with you at hello@hekate.com.






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