Olympic Swimmer

Penny Oleksiak

Canada's most decorated Olympian

"If you go into something and you’re tired & burnt out, you’re not going to be able to perform no matter how badly you want to." - Penny Oleksiak

For Penny, recovery is the most important thing. It's what lets her continue to progress and goes hand-in-hand with nutrition & how she fuels her body. 

"I realized so quickly how much better I feel in the morning, how much better I feel going into a workout when I'm actually fueling my body properly. I'm able now to do workouts that, before, I would be struggling with so hard. So it's really cool to kind of see that. It makes me really excited to actually get into swimming training again, just because if I feel this good in workouts that I normally feel terrible, like, how good am I gonna feel when I'm in the water? So I'm excited to be prioritizing nutrition."

Since starting to take functional mushrooms, Penny's discovered that she's going about each day better than the day before with more energy and focus. But what she's most excited about as a swimmer is the new Sports Drink Mix.

"We don't realize how much we sweat. Swimmers lose so much water. We lose so many electrolytes, and we just keep on training because we never see our sweat. I think I'm constantly needing to replenish my electrolytes and my fuel."

The hekate Sports Drink Mix has been helping her stay hydrated & fuelled through her training, but what she loves most is that it's not just salt & sugar like the big companies. There's no added sugar, so she finds it a much healthier way to get those electrolytes, which helps with her mental performance too.

"I need recovery in order to be able to be at my best. I think that applies physically, but also mentally - and I think it's even a bigger kind of thing."

With the adaptogenic mushrooms in her Daily Capsules and Cocoa Blend providing mental clarity & focus, Penny's finding she's also able to gain a competitive edge with her mental state.

To try Penny's morning routine, add the Cocoa Blend to your coffee.


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