Olympic Swimmer

Penny Oleksiak

Canada's most decorated Olympian

"I need recovery in order to be able to be at my best. I think that applies physically, but also mentally - and I think it's even a bigger kind of thing." - Penny Oleksiak

How do you prioritize recovery, and what do you do in order to recover?
I think I almost put recovery ahead of anything else, because at the end of the day, if I'm leaving a training session and I don't prioritize recovery, and I have to be training the next day, it's going to be pretty terrible. Then I definitely won't  have the ability to recover after that. The following day is even worse.

I need recovery in order to be able to be at my best. I think that applies physically, but also mentally - and I think it's even a bigger kind of thing. You really need to make sure that you're recovering mentally and you're ready to perform. If you go into something and you're tired and burnt out, and your cortisol levels are really low, then you're not going to be able to perform matter how badly you want to.

How do you feel about the launch of hekate’s new product - the Sports Drink? How important is hydration for a swimmer?
I love it because especially being in water, we don't realize how much we sweat. Swimmers lose so much water. We lose so many electrolytes and we just keep on training because we never see our sweat. We're just, ugh. It's okay. Some swimmers lose a couple pounds in a single training session just because you're not rehydrating your body. For me, rehydrating and having that fuel is really important. Daily water intake is something that I try to get used to daily when I'm training or during weight training sessions. I think I'm constantly needing to replenish my electrolytes and my fuel. The Sports Drink is something that I'm really excited about.

How important is nutrition to you? How have you been prioritizing nutrition?
I think it's honestly about figuring out what is best to put in my body and being more conscious of it. Like I realized so quickly how much better I feel in the morning, how much better I feel going into a workout when I'm actually fueling my body properly. I'm able now to do workouts that before, I would be struggling with so hard. So it's really cool to kind of see that it makes me really excited to actually get into swimming training again, just because if I feel this good in workouts that I normally feel terrible, like, how good am I gonna feel when I'm in the water?  So I'm excited to be prioritizing nutrition. 

What’s your experience with taking adaptogenic mushrooms? How did you start getting into supplementing them?
I mean, my experience has really come from taking hekate’s supplements and I've really liked it. I find that when I have the cocoa in my coffee every morning, along with regularly taking the capsules I find it actually has been waking me up a little bit more, and making me feel more focused. I go about my day a little bit better just because of taking them. I have really enjoyed my whole experience and I'm excited to start regularly using the Sports Drink to see how that's gonna help elevate my training. I think that'll be really cool to see how it can help me be faster in the water, or recover more quickly.

How do you fuel your body on race day?
That's something I'm actually also kind of learning more about, and getting into a bit more. For me normally, I definitely try to get in a lot of carbs and sugars. I'll have like sweets and things here and there before I race just because we arrive at the pool quite early before we race - we're usually warming up to about two or three hours before, and then you tend to get quite hungry. You need something that's going to fuel you for a long time so that you don't have to eat right before the race. So, it's a lot of carbs, and sugar. Then afterwards I try and have as much protein as possible.

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