Our Story

From sitting on the sidelines… to taking Canada to its first-ever Davis Cup finals.

It all started with a herniated disk.

In 2019 pro tennis player Vasek Pospisil had back surgery and was forced to miss the first half of the tour. To make sure he was recovering his best, he went to the NBA’s Golden State Warriors’ nutritionist for advice and received the recommendation that would change everything for him:

“Start taking functional mushrooms.”

So he did. And what he discovered was that he improved his resilience, had better focus, was less stressed & could recover better after matches. It became his secret weapon, letting him get in the zone while sharpening his mental game & his physical game.

And then, in the same year that he was sidelined by surgery, Pospisil took Canada to its first ever Davis Cup Finals in the 119-year history of the cup before being named the ATP's Comeback Player Of The Year in 2020.

But Pospisil didn’t want to stop there. He wanted to share his secret weapon with the world. To give everyone a chance to become what they’re truly capable of. 

Knowing that what you put into your body affects your performance, he didn’t just want to share the power of functional mushrooms. He wanted to do it in the healthiest way possible. Without any synthetic ingredients or GMOs. Without added sugars or caffeine. With only natural ingredients & organic mushrooms.

Enter hekate.

An all-natural functional mushroom supplement created by high performers, for high performers.

From these humble beginnings, the hekate team has grown to include Canada’s most decorated Olympian, swimmer Penny Oleksiak. Using functional mushrooms has helped her perform better both in and out of the pool, keeping her more energized & focused.

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