Professional Tennis Player

Vasek Pospisil

2014 Wimbledon Champion

"I feel like it’s my secret weapon." - Vasek Pospisil

After discovering the performance-enhancing effect of functional mushrooms while recovering from surgery, Vasek almost didn't share his newfound superpower. 

It gave him a competitive edge on the tennis court that he didn't want his opponents to know about.

"Functional mushrooms remain overlooked within the sports nutrition and hydration space, yet they're one of the most versatile superfoods on the planet. Their healing power is undeniable, promoting resilience, mental focus, and recovery."

He went from being sidelined by surgery in 2019 to leading Canada to its first-ever Davis Cup final later that same year.

"To be completely honest, I've just felt like it's really helped my recovery more than anything. I'm less sore after my matches, and it's super cool to actually feel the benefits of a supplement, so I'm stoked."

Since recovering from surgery, Vasek has made functional mushrooms part of his morning routine, taking full advantage of the nutrient-packed superfood that's been helping him perform better in all aspects of life.

"So functional mushrooms are superfoods. 11 of the top 50 superfoods in the world are actually functional mushrooms. And 4 of those 11 are in hekate's cocoa blend powder."

Vasek continues to use functional mushrooms daily to perform his best on the court and in business.

Give Vasek's morning routine a try by adding the Cocoa Blend to your oatmeal, like he does.

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